Training “Facilitating Leadership for Transformation” Enrollment

Youth Drivers for change project is being implemented by the Centre for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) with seed funding provided by Irish Aid. The project aims to build the capacity of voluntary, youth-led, community based organisations to generate social action that will contribute positively to the on-going development of Vietnam


Youth Drivers for change project is being implemented by the Centre for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) with seed funding provided by Irish Aid. The project aims to build the capacity of voluntary, youth-led, community based organisations to generate social action that will contribute positively to the on-going development of Vietnam. The central focus of the project is on young people and their involvement in youth groups and youth clubs on the local level. A core group of young people identified as potential leaders will be provided with initial training in research methodology and mentoring to assist in conducting consultations with youth organisations to ascertain their capacity building needs. Following further training in group facilitation, project management and development issues these youth leaders will transfer the skills and knowledge they have gained to other young people in youth groups and support them to initiate community projects of their own, using a peer education model.

We are calling for 20 young and dynamic applicants to attend the Training “Facilitating Leadership for Transformation” from 3-7 July 2015. The principal aim of this module is to enable participants to explore and learn from key perspectives and approaches around facilitation and effective ways of working in groups, and in particular, from their own experiences of leadership in groups.


Duration: 3-7 July 2015

Location: a resort outside of Hanoi

Fee: All costs of the program will be covered by the organizers (include: trainers, meals, transportation from CSDS office to training place)

Participants are required to pay a deposit of 500.000VND. This deposit will be given back after the participants fully attend the program.

Trainer: Mr. Paddy Reilly, Head of Strategic Relations, Kimmage Development Studies Centre – Kimmage DSC, Ireland

Training Objectives: The training relates to a core module within the current curriculum of Kimmage DSC with following main objectives:

  • to enable critical reflection on youth leaders’ experience of working with groups
  • to identify theoretical frameworks for facilitation and transformation and in doing so,  explore different models of facilitating
  • to practice skills and methods of participatory work and collaborative learning, for example, in designing future events they may be engaged in
  • to examine some of the key values inherent in the task of facilitating for ‘development’ or ‘transformation’ while recognising and building upon each participant’s own styles, preferences and inner resourcefulness
  • overall, to strengthen levels of confidence, competence and commitment among all participants in facilitating others

Methodology: The module will be run according to participatory approaches and will address the content needs by examining facilitation in terms of 4 basic dimensions:

  • ‘Personal Reflection & Principles’  {Self-learning; assessing one’s own capacities, strengths, preferred approaches, and key values}
  • ‘Practical Experience’  {identifying personal experience of any concepts and approaches}
  • ‘Public Knowledge & Perspectives’  {understanding – drawing upon publications and research on various concepts}
  • ‘Process’  {skills / methods – looking at methodologies and approaches used}

Learning OutcomesAt the conclusion of this module, participants will be able to demonstrate:

  • a capacity for critical reflection on the values that are inherent in the task of facilitating others within a development or personal transformation context;
  • the competence, confidence and commitment to clearly show an awareness and appreciation of key theories and concepts of facilitation for development outcomes


The training is designed for 20 young people (18 – 25 years old) who are living in Vietnam and:

  • Are leaders or core members of youth groups and youth clubs
  • Have experience in youth activities/ development
  • Can communicate fluently in English
  • Commit to fully attend training  (3-7 July 2015) and follow the tasks given by facilitation team to spread the lessons you will have learned and use them to improve your team in real life.
  • Are open-minded, creative and active
  • Application: 12 June – 22 June 2015
  • Interview: 26 June – 27 June 2015
  • Interview result announcement: 29-30 June 2015


  • Fill in the application form by 23h00 pm on 22 June 2015


  • Contact: Tuan Anh, Programme Assistant, Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS)
  • Email:
  • Tel: 04-62601094
  • Mobile: 01674.676.674


The Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) is a Vietnamese non-profit organization legally registered in 2009. CSDS is addressing development issues in Vietnam with particular focuses on climate change for environment protection, women empowerment through sustainable livelihood support, children support through social inclusion, youth development through international exchange, non-formal education and youth social initiatives support.  For more information, please visit:  

Irish Aid is Ireland’s official aid programme, working on behalf of Irish people to address poverty and hunger in some of the world’s poorest countries. Irish Aid engages in and support development and provide humanitarian assistance with a particular focus on reducing poverty and hunger in sub-Saharan Africa.For more information, please visit:

Kimmage Development Studies Center: For 40 years, Kimmage DSC has facilitated education and training for development practitioners working in a range of occupations from over 65 countries.  Kimmage DSC has strong reputation in Development Studies in Ireland and abroad and offer an inter-cultural and experience-based learning environment. The ethos of Kimmage DSC is embodied in a teaching approach based on participatory learning and critical thinking which seeks to empower course participants with the skills and knowledge essential for development work today. For more information, please visit:

Paddy Reilly, Kimmage Development Studies Center : Following an extensive period as Executive Director of the Centre (1995 – 2013) Paddy Reilly (Dip DS, BA, MA) took on a new role as Head of Strategic Relations. He has responsibility for adding value to Kimmage DSC’s core business by pursuing & building strategic relationships with external partners and the Kimmage Alumni. In this role he pursues the consolidation and enhanced quality of existing partnerships and links, in accordance with the Strategic Plan; and explores the development of new relationships and collaborative ventures with other institutions and organisations. He also delivers courses in Adult Education and in Facilitation Practice, contributes to curriculum and course design and facilitates students undertaking primary research in development-related areas. His interests include exploring how educational principles and methodologies which draw upon experiential learning, may enhance human and social development. In pursuit of this during the past 25 years, he has facilitated training in Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia and for different groups and institutes within Ireland.

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